Joan Prowse B.A is a professional artist designer maker, and works in many different media, of which wool is one. She specialises in needle felting and has been working with wool for 4 years. During this time her pieces have been heavily influenced by her Christian faith. She is an emerging artist in Church decoration and ornament, and is looking to do more work in this area. Prior to this, has worked primarily as an illustrator, and continues to produce pieces for private collections in and around Britain and Europe.  Having worked as an artist in France for three years, she returned to Devon where she now undertakes private commission work and gives needle felting tuition as an optional extra to the Bicton Fibrecraft course, and independently. She exhibits at various events, and is available for giving talks and demonstrations to groups.

“I am inspired by the beauty in the creation I see around me, and by the Holy Spirit who works through me. My aim is to bless and encourage others on their own journey, and to inspire them, through my work, to have a deeper relationship with the ultimate Creator.”

 JoanProwse_PeaceintheValley  JoanProwse_StormsInTheNight

“Peace in the Valley” – 120cm x 120cm
hand needle felted

“Storms of Life” – 60cm x 50cm hand needle
felted by Joan Prowse with copper and
sterling silver detailing

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