Founder Member and Chair

I am an Exeonian, educated at Mount Radford School then Exeter Technical College before joining the Royal Navy as an Artificer Apprentice. Five years later I emerged with a set of skills which as Rudyard Kipling summed up ‘That’s Mr. Hinchcliffe,’ said Pyecroft. ‘He’s what is called a first-class engine-room artificer. If you hand ’im a drum of oil an’ leave ’im alone, he can coax a stolen bicycle to do typewritin’.

Midway through my twenty two years of ‘interesting times’ in the Fleet Air Arm as a Helicopter Flight Test Engineer and  Instructor my wife Barbara and I put down roots and bought a Devon smallholding.  A year or so before her death we bought an alpaca – just the one – with the plan to create quality fibre goods.

Along the way I became involved with Blackdown Hills Natural Fibre Group and organised the third FibreFest held at Bicton in 2011 as well as non-fibre events like National Traction Engine Trust driving courses and recently Tiverton’s musical ParkFest.

Although not skilled in the arts of spinning, weaving, dying and felting I have a broad understanding of the complete fibre process from farm to finished product and onward through promotional event organisation.

 The ‘Haldon’ Suri Scarf from the Wind Weaver Collection