After retiring early from a teaching career, Julie Bowen was looking for a creative and challenging artistic craft to interest and capture her imagination. While at college she had studied ceramics, so being able to use her hands to create something from a raw material was important in the choice of craft. She found a Fibrecraft course at Bicton College and began to explore and use woollen fibres to create felted objects, little realising at the time how addictive this would become!


Julie is inspired by shapes and colours in natural objects, found in the countryside and seashore near her home;this includes pebbles, shells, seed-heads and plants.


Seeing the colours of the fibres, smelling the wool and soap, touching the fibres with her hands , then coaxing the fibres to join together to become what is in her imagination is both challenging and intriguing. From just a few woollen and silk fibres the creative possibilities seem endless.

At the moment Julie is using resist techniques to create delicate, simply shaped seed-head inspired vessels from merino wool and silk fibres.


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