Professional Fibre Art Practitioner

I have been involved in textiles from about 4 years old.  A passion of my mother’s which I too became passionate about. My mother taught me lots but I added to my skills over the years thought education both at school and further and adult education and my love of workshops.

Creative Studies – City & Guilds.  Professional Curtain Making & Soft Furnishings -OCN level 3

Interior Design OCN level 3. Creative Craft in Fibrecraft NCFC

I have always enjoyed creating and making things and it’s been my love though out my life.

My love of everything creative led me into working with many different medias including, fibres, metals,  wood, beads, wool, embroidery etc.  My love of sewing and all the machines now available proved to be very exciting.

I have now developed my passion of everything textile into my love of ART.  I am currently developing and enjoying my journey into Textile and Wearable Art.  I don’t doubt that my new and additional love will, in fact, gradually creep into my old loves of Dressmaking, Curtain Making and everything Crafty.

My other passion is to recycle beautiful fabrics, fibres, wood etc and use in conjunction with new fibres and fabrics to create something totally new.

Since I discovered the beautiful art of Haptic Felt Making, it gave me inspiration and a new platform in which, all my acquired textile skills can unite and evolve into a new creations.